ShaftAlign Laser Shaft Alignment System with Bluetooth Module from Pruftechnik

Serial Numbers:

Transducer: 2912 1492 (Manufactured in the 29th week of 2012)
Prism/Reflector: 3212 9385 (Manufactured in the 32nd week of 2012)
Computer: 6543 1041 (Manufactured in 2012)

System has all the optional and available firmware features possible from the factory.

Connecting cable (option for Bluetooth), PC connecting cable, and peripheral cable to make reports to a USB pin drive, and AC charger for the computer's rechargeable battery are included.

Calibration is past due but is in excellent condition. Used strictly as a dealer demonstrator. Looks brand new. We can send off for calibration verification for an extra charge of $1,000.00, and delivery would be an extra 3-4 weeks.

Asking $7,800.00 without calibration inspection.
Asking $8,800.00 with calibration inspection.

Part Numbers: ALI 21.000

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